Events to look forward to

All the universities in the Nishaan Executive Committee work with each other and external organisations to hold a wide range of events, from socials to kirtan darbars to talks and workshops, with the aim of bringing students together from around the country and creating a platform for them to discuss, debate and learn about Sikhi in a safe environment.

Some of the key events to look out for over the year include:

  • Inter-university bowling – the biggest freshers’ event of the year
  • The Sikh Studies course provided by the SEC
  • The Nishaan Research Conference
  • Seva Day
  • Inter-university football tournament
  • Open Mic/Poetry Night
  • Nishan Nights

To stay up to date with events, take a look at the google calendar below which shows each of the University events going on. For more information, take a look at our social media!

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